Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sachin 'GOD' Tendulkar Complete's Its 100th International Century Against Bangladesh

Sachin Tendulkar finally Completes it's 100 International ton Against bangladesh. It was a memorable moment for all cricket lover and his fans across the world.

Just Enjoy it's Hundred.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Rahul Dravid - Great Wall of India

Rahul Dravid are kind of player who is always played under the shadow of great tendulkar and ganguly . He has a great technique , a great sense of cricket knowledge and his best quality - his temperament.  It's Completely hard to imagine indian cricket team history without the wall  - dravid. He has been pillor of indian cricket team from over a decade now and providing the support to the middleorder of indian cricket team.

rahul dravid retirement
Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid is probably one of the last classical Test match batsmen. His progress into the national side may not be like ganguly, tendulkar and dhoni , but with the passage of time,  Dravid established himself as a classic and defiant generation batsmans who can play in every situation and conditions. Most of Cricketing People feels that his technique is far better than Sachin tendulkar which shows that to whic clashs is belongs to.He always been inspirational for indian succes outside from sub-continent. His Record Stats shows that how successful he was outside sub-continent in those bouncy and scary wickets. 

His Team mates called him the wall of team india just because his ability to hang out in the wicket in every wicket and any kind of bowling attack. He is a great innings builder and a great team player. it's just not coincident that  he is involve with top two partnership in ODI. His Partnership of 413 with sehwag is second best partneship in test cricket and who forget that timeless 376-run rescue act which saw India stop the invincible Aussies in their tracks back in the summer of 2001.  nobody expecting at that moment of time that india would win the match. Success blended with a personality that is intense, undemonstrative but compassionate and intelligent has made him a role model for many Indians. 

The things that make's him different from other people is his patience and persistence. He always working on his batting and believes that only hard work can gives success in the world. He  contributes almost silently to the team’s cause is immense and often extremely crucial.No one can deny that Dravid is considered to be more reliable than even Sachin Tendulkar these days.  

It is laughable that the majority of cricket writers, especially in India, stumble all the time trying to find Dravid’s place in Indian cricket. The classic cop-outs - “one of the greatest”, “among the best” consistently showcase their own lack of imagination and the sheer inability of conventional cricket analysis to provide a precise picture. It is still considered blasphemous to put him over Tendulkar, over even Gavaskar. The obvious fact however is that Rahul Dravid has been India’s greatest batsman, and greatest Test cricketer, for a long time now, probably since 2004. It is so painfully obvious that it defies belief that this truth is so vainly resisted. 

Rahul Dravid will always kept in our heart and mind not only because of his great batting skill but his cool and humble nature as well. Bye Bye Wall - A salute to wall by cricket Extra.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Australiya Crushes India hope to reach final

Austrailiya: 252/10

Sydney: Another dismissal performance by indian top order batsman's put india in the verge of getting out of the tri-series competition. Australia defeated India by 87 runs in the 10th CB Series ODI and make place in final at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Sunday. It's India third straight defeat in a row and it looks like apart from captian dhoni, every batsman is suffering from their form and this australiya tour is continue to be nightmare for them.

India road for the final are looking very tough now, India must now beat Sri Lanka with a bonus point in Hobart on Tuesday. Their qualification will also depend on Sri Lanka losing the final league game to Australia. Srilanka on other hand has momentum with them after defeating both india and australiya in their previous games. Some of the top performer hasn't perform yet like sangakaara , but sitll they able to win both of their previous mathces due to collective effort of the team. it look's like srilanka completely adjust in australiyian condition now after some poor performance in their opening game.

Australia were captained by Shane Watson today in the absence of regular skipper Michael Clarke who is out because of his injured back. Australiya Won the toss and decided to bat first, after some initial blows warner(68)took the responsibility to guide the ship with the help of middle order batsman david hussey(54) and matthew wade(56) and put a respectable total of 252 on the scorecard.

It was challenging total but certainly not out of reach , but indian batting failed yet again as they were bowled out for 165 in the 40th over.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Should Sachin Tendulkar retire from ODI Cricket

Sometimes it feel very scary even thinking about sachin retirement . He is the piller and back bone of Indian Cricket team from over a 22 years and continue holding it with so much pressure of cricket crazy fan's and nation . There is still huge fans of him in India who are not expecting a Indian team without sachin tendulkar but Sachin's recent poor performance Down Under are now creating so many question about his existence in the current indian ODI team. These question also rising with fire after recent week retirement announcement by legendary Australian skipper and great batsman ricky ponting.

A series of wasteful performances in the downunder forced the Australian selectors to drop the ricky but good thing is that ricky take it very seriously and said it was good decision of national selectors to drop him and make room for young guys. In the press conference he said "I totally understand the reasons why and the national selectors are looking forward to building a team for the next World Cup of which I am not part of their plans going forward". Is these things should apply for tendulkar as well, ricky in no less great player than tendulkar and his absence can also hurt Australian team as well but Australian selectors are looking for future Australian team.

So why Indian are not thinking this way. Sachin is currently 39 year's old and older than ricky and next world cup will be held in 2015.  At that stage it will be not possible for tendulkar to play in the ODI with 100% fitness and stamina. Australian ground are very large and indian team will seriously need a bunch of young players who can make most of it. It's the time that indian selectors and think tank should focus on grooming therse young player in every condition so they will be fully prepared for cricket largest battle in which India is world champion.

So many former indian cricketers also feels that time has come for tendulkar to announce his retirement. Former indian captain sourav ganguly said "My point here is the question Sachin needs to ask, does he go on and play the 2015 World Cup, which I think is at this stage not possible. And if he is fit enough to play one-day cricket regularly, if he can't answer these questions, he should go from one-day cricket and just play Test cricket". Other former indian player's like legendary kapil dev, Delip vengsarkar has also same view as sourav has.

But another thing is no Indian selector has the courage to tell him to retire from the 50-over format. former Australian batsman dean jones said in his 'Sydney Morning Herald' article that no matter how tendulkar played in ODI , People are worried their homes could be damaged if they are seen to have removed Tendulkar against his will. He will keep playing for as long as he likes and thus lies the problem for India.

It's the time when sachin has to think himself, on his own to leave international cricket or one-day cricket, whichever time he wants to go. Sachin is great Player and he is regarded as god in india but it's the time indian's should think more about building up future indian team who is going nowhere right now rather than sachin tendulkar.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ricky Ponting, Has Times Comes For Him To Hang Boot's In ODI

Ricky ponting is no doubt, Australia one of greatest batsman but his recent poor run with the bat put him under the scanner of Australian media and the selectors Ricky says he is still worth a place" in the side but concedes that reputation alone won't be enough to get him the selectors nod all the time. he is yet to cross double figure from four tri series games, it look's like his is jaded and needs rest but problem with Australia is that they cannot afford to drop him in the absence of regular skipper Michael Clark.

Ricky Ponting Continues Fallen In ODI Cricket
Ponting has been completely out of form in the tri series, averaging 2.75 and having lasted just 40 balls in all games combined, but has now been given additional responsibility to lead the team. Australian coach Micky Arthur also said that Ricky is a little bit jaded, like a couple of our test player who have played all summer. I’d like to see ponting in our team all the time but as i've said through the summer, every cricketers' currency is performance , that's what get's you into the Australian team.

When media asks if it was time for ponting to call it quits, the coach said, " Ricky is a class act, there is no way you can write off a champion like him, he had a great test series against Indian and i hope he turn it around this one-day series as well. the

Australian are finally feeling some heat this summer. their batting has not really ignited and their bowlers too have been hot and cold. media ad fan's started pointing out players ad ricky ponting is currently on top of the list, but punter is always a great player and he shows it over the period of time. it's going to e great another great series for Australian if ponting fire, otherwise it might e turned out to be punter last ODI Series.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dhoni Last Overs Six Guides India To Thrilling Victory

Adelaide : Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni Hits a Brilliant Six in Last Over the match to guide india to a thrilling victory over mighty austrliya. He says later in press conference that this six is even better than the six he hit in world cup final against australiya.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

It's Hard Time for Indian Cricket

April 2, 2011, It was the day when team india beat Srilanka in the world cup final and won the world cup after 28 long years. it was blockbuster, people all over the county, irrespective of differences, enjoyed all days and night to celebrate india's second cricketing tryst with destiny. Cricket was easily the nation’s singular entertainer. cricket was everywhere, its stock unrivalled and economic worth skyrocketing.

But just after 10 months, indian cricket completely touched its lower ground. its the reality, india lost eight of the last overseas test matches without even being competitive . india lost its no. 1 position from test matches and now placed fourth. India super cool skipper M S dhoni is on the verge of losing his test captaincy and he is looking tired and fatigue. Watching india fail time and again has turned agonizing and distressing. Half-empty venues during home matches and tumbling TRP’s are proof of a sport in ill-health and crying out for innovation. People are certainly got bored by seeing IPL again and again.  

Dravid, Laxman and Tendulkar all are in their last stage of their carriers. it's impossible to conjure an indian cricketscope without tendular, a constant over the last 23 years. indian still travels to watch him play and will continue to do as long as he is around. within a year-and-nalf India cricket will lost it's biggest entertainer, creating a huge wide void that will difficult to fill. These All legends are icons for Indian youth, huge marketing and adverting industry play their money on them but in near future apart from dashing Virat Kohli, no other youngster look’s like to replace the stardom of these legendary players.

The situation of indian cricket team off the field is also not good. BCCI, the world's richest cricket board is right now involved in the court cases with three of it's IPL franchisees. BCCI also on the verge of losing a further RS. 430 Crore in team sponsorship with the Sahara group serving all ties with team india from so many years . BCCI television agreement with Nimbus has also get Collapsed. BCCI lost Rs 1,600cr in the Nimbus falling-out ad Sahara’s exit could mean a further hit of Rs. 2,200cr.

Definitely indian Cricket is going from a very hard and lean phase but there is always hope in cricket. Miracles always happened in cricketing field, india is huge cricket fans country and there are huge cricket fans in country who still believe that golden days of indian cricket will come again. Can the England series in November 2012 and the Australia series in February-March 2013 produce some the better and interesting results.